Our custom made English candles

About the Proprietress

Lee Anna Ward


  I started my passion for antiques and design as a young child. Every summer my family would load up in the car and drive to Kentucky to see my grandparents and my mother would make my father stop at every antique store along the way. I had the best decorated dollhouses and dorm room!  My mother owned a gift shop in my hometown of  Pawhuska Oklahoma  on Main Street . My dad was a banker on Main Street and I followed the pattern and opened an antique store on Main Street . Years later, I bought a home in Bartlesville Oklahoma and drove back and forth to work everyday. One evening I was taking out my trash and I met a ginger taking out his sisters trash in the alley. 3 months later we were married, and 4 months following I moved my store to his city, Oklahoma City. I was determined to continue my small town way of running my business. After years of having a retail shop in Nichols Hills, I found my shop would be empty after shipments arrived. I moved to a small warehouse and closed the retail hours to begin selling wholesale to out of state stores. Today I'm providing antique stores all across the USA with their inventory. I travel to England every 3 months for my buying trips.  4 times a year I open the warehouse to the public with antique sales featuring items I purchase just for the Oklahoma City customers. I  also do design on the side for both commercial and residential projects. After 29  years of the antique business I still love what I do. Growing up in a small town my father taught me to treat every person that walked into my store with kindness and respect and thats what I always keep in the back of my mind. Never forget your roots...its what keeps you grounded. 


A Little More Information

Travels to the UK


Every 3-4 months we travel to England and work 12-14 hour days rain or shine, indoors and outdoors finding just the perfect items for our antique sales, other retail shops and for our warehouse sales. While it looks glamorous, we are indeed surrounded by the beauty of England, but its a work trip and much work is involved..the surroundings just make it a lot nicer to enjoy! 

Warehouse Events


Several times a year we open the warehouse to the public for warehouse sales. Watch our Facebook page and Instagram page for items available on occasion to the public and for announcements on public warehouse events. 


Design Services


We offer both residential and commercial design services. Whether it be staging a home, rearranging what you already own or building from the ground up we are there to help. We have been in your shoes.  The renovation process can be tiring and frustrating. Whether it's contractors not showing up as promised  or the stress of the "mess" of renovations, so we help make the process a little less stress free for you. Contact us for your next project.

We Do Not Sell Reproductions


We take pride in selling only true authentic antique items. We won't ever go to the "design markets" to purchase reproduction pieces or Staffordshire made in China. We feel that taking trust in an antique dealer is important and we take our travels of spending the time and money seriously to bring back  items that are indeed made in England (some France, Belgium too.

Social Media


Follow us on Instagram @nottinghillantiques and our Facebook page notting hill antiques to view the beautiful photos we post of England while on our trips. If you've never been to England you can see the beauty of the countryside and feel the peacefulness we find in the rural areas of England. 

Thank you


We are grateful to have been in this business for over 30 years and take our customer relationships very seriously. Our customers are what have made us who we are today and we are forever grateful !  Many customers have become dear friends and for this we are grateful. 


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