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Meet Lee

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  Every since I was a little girl I have loved decorating and antiques.  I would sneak away in college and go antique shopping! My mother use to drag me to antique stores as a young child and it suddenly just became a part of my life.  I use to rearrange the furniture in our home growing up all the time. 

My mother owned a gift shop in our small town of Pawhuska Oklahoma. I did all of her buying at market but always used antiques as her displays in her shop. I finally decided to open  my own shop down the street from my mothers gift shop. My dad was a banker on Main Street so the 3 of us were all on Main Street daily. I bought a home in Bartlesville Oklahoma and drove from Bartlesville to Pawhuska for work. One evening upon returning home from work I was taking out my trash and met a ginger taking his sisters trash out in the alley. 3 months later we were engaged. 4 months following we were married. I then sold my home and  moved my business to Oklahoma City. After having my retail shop in Nichols Hills for  years,  I kept having the same problem every month. The store would be empty. After shipments would arrive I would sell out.  Everyone loved my "small town prices". I found a solution. I opened a small warehouse and started selling wholesale to out of state antique dealers. 

Today my business has grown and I am providing antique dealers all over the USA with their inventory. . I travel to England every 3 months for my buying trips. I open the warehouse 4 times a year to the public to have antique sales to see my past retail customers, welcome new ones and offer the Oklahoma City customers authentic items at good prices.  29 years and I still love this business. 

My parents are gone, but each day I open up the door to my office I hear my father saying to me on the day I opened my business "be kind to everyone and treat everyone with care and respect". That is how to run a successful business.